AI Consultancy & Education


AI Consultancy & Education

Boost productivity, enhance services, and outpace competitors with our AI consultancy and education.

AI Consultancy & Education for Traditional Businesses

The rapid pace of technological development often leaves companies struggling to integrate AI tools into their daily operations. Orange Hill offers specialized consultancy and bespoke training, enabling businesses to integrate AI effectively, boost staff efficiency, cut production costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

AI Consultancy & Education for Software Development Teams

In the fast-evolving tech landscape, software development teams often struggle to keep pace with the latest AI advancements. Orange Hill Development provides specialized consultancy and tailored training to help your team integrate AI into your development processes. Enhance your team’s productivity, reduce development time, and deliver superior software solutions with our expert guidance.

Industry-Specific Workshops

Our Industry-Specific AI Workshops deliver tailored training designed to meet the unique needs of various industries such as healthcare, finance, or manufacturing. We focus on practical applications of AI to address industry-specific challenges, ensuring your team gains relevant skills to drive innovation and efficiency.

Advanced AI Workshops

Our Advanced AI Workshops provide specialized advice and training for companies that have begun AI integration but face challenges with advanced implementation. We help you overcome complex hurdles, optimize AI applications, and elevate your AI capabilities to the next level.

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Tihomir Opacic

founder and CEO

Orange Hill

How We Conduct Our AI Workshops



We identifiy team size, methodologies, tools, AI adoption, and desired outcomes to tailor training for your team.




We deliver tailored, hands-on training sessions based on the assessment findings.



AI Implementation Strategy

Post-workshop consultations to recommend immediate AI applications, enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and improving services



Success Assessment

We evaluate how the implemented AI tools enhanced your productivity and business goals achievement.



Additional Consultations

We recommended quarterly or bi-yearly follow-ups to stay updated on the latest AI tools and research.

Other Services

AI Integration & Development

Innovate confidently with our AI Integration and Development service using cutting-edge AI solutions.

API Development & Integration

Power your digital interfaces with our custom APIs, seamlessly integrating third-party services and AI solutions.

Web & Mobile Development

Mobile app development and design to launch your mobile app business.