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Orange Hill Development

offers specialized expertise in AI Consultancy & Education, along with comprehensive solutions for AI integrations, web and mobile app development, API development, and advanced CMS implementations.


AI Integration & Development
Innovate confidently with our AI Integration and Development service using cutting-edge AI solutions.
API Development & Integration
Power your digital interfaces with our custom APIs, seamlessly integrating third-party services and AI solutions.
Web & Mobile Development
Mobile app development and design to launch your mobile app business.
AI Consultancy & Education
Boost productivity, enhance services, and outpace competitors with our AI consultancy and education.

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Tihomir Opacic

founder and CEO

Orange Hill

case studies

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Orange Hill Development team to deliver digital promotions for The Coca-Cola Company for over 2 years. They have demonstrated repeatedly the commitment to meeting strict timelines and understanding complex company procedures. Tihomir, the CEO, is a resourceful technologist and always brings a high level of digital competence to a project.

Ben Marks

Technical Project Manager

Working with Tihomir and his Orange Hill Development team has been nothing but fantastic! It's not only the time they dedicate to the project they are working on, it's the passion they are willing to bring to the table. Thank you, guys!

Vuk Zivkovic